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Temporary Childcare

Try to make time for yourself for just a few hours. Enrich your mind by having time alone to take care of yourself. Return to parenting with a smile… feeling refreshed.


Monday-Saturday, 9:00-16:00 (Closed on Sunday and Tuesday)

Please make a reservation as soon as possible after you have decided on a date and time. If you cancel after 14:00 the day before, you will be charged the prescribed cancellation fee.

Usage fees

¥1200 per hour *From 1 hour, thereafter available in 30-minute increments. *Currently, we only provide childcare services where the parent / guardian stays on the premises. *We are currently preparing to offer regular temporary childcare (childcare that allows parents to leave the facility).

Age range

The product can be used for children from around 3 months of age to 5 years of age.

*Please consult with us even if your child is not in the target age group.

Precautions for use

We may refuse to care for children who are sick, have a fever or other symptoms, due to infectious diseases. We have liability insurance, so please feel free to leave your child in our care. We will not be responsible for any personal belongings brought to the facility other than children's luggage, even if they are lost or stolen.

What to bring

Please bring the following items with you…

□Identification (driver's license, insurance card, etc.) *For the first time only

□A copy of your child's insurance card

□Change of clothes

□Drink (a water bottle or other container that is spill-proof is preferred) Items to bring depending on the child's age and situation…

□Milk, baby bottle set

□Packed lunch / Lunch box (if necessary)

□Snacks (as needed)


□Diaper Wipes

□Plastic bags for used diapers



*Please write your child’s name on their belongings

*We will not be responsible for loss of any unmarked baggage.

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