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We offer menus that are kind to the body and incorporate plenty of koji and other fermented products. The concept being ”safety and peace of mind”, so that everyone from children to the elderly can enjoy our meals. The meals include daily side dishes with plenty of vegetables and miso soup that we carefully prepare the dashi (fish soup stock) broth for. The lunch menu includes an "omusubi" (rice ball) set, which we hope you will enjoy because rice is deeply connected to this place. A children's set is also available. We also welcome customers outside of lunch time. Chochi (small drink) sets, baked sweets made with natural yeast, and handmade o-hagi (rice cakes) are also popular.


*Koji = a type of Japanese fermented food made using grains


*Please note that we may not be able to offer this service due to events, material procurement etc.

Lunch Time


Rice Ball Set: 2 rice balls | miso soup | meat | 2 vegetable side dishes

Mini Rice Ball Set: 2 rice balls | miso soup | 2 vegetable side dishes

Set drinks: Coffee / Sannenbancha (fermented green tea) / Elderflower sparkling wine - red or white (non-alcoholic)




Rice balls (salt knot / sweet soybean paste / shio koji okaka / kelp / homemade neri ume paste / yakumi miso / anchovy and dill)

Grand Menu



Single rice balls


Ohagi set (red bean paste/kinako)

Soy milk pudding

Bagel(red bean paste/butter)

Baked sweets with natural yeast by Nui








Children's Set: Salted rice ball, side dish, potage

Organic apple juice

Organic orange blend

Organic mango blend

Organic mixed berry









Coffee (hot / iced)

Organic 3-year-old Bancha fermented green tea (hot / iced)

Amber white tea

Organic mixed juice

Cafe Latte

Soy Latte

Matcha Latte

Houjicha Latte











Heartland Beer

A set of today's snacks and beer of your choice




Non alcoholic

RYOMA (beer)


Organic elderflower sparkling wine (red)

Organic elderflower sparkling wine (wine)





Seating and facilities

Table seating (14 seats)

Itanoma wooden floor room seating (about 8 people)

Engawa veranda seating (4 seats)

Tatami room (about 10 adults)

Seats in a tatami room (for about 3 adults)

Reservations for seats can be made by phone or via Instagram DM.

Nursing room, diaper changing sheets, and kid's chairs in the restroom. Baby strollers are also allowed in the restrooms.

Nursing room, diaper changing sheets, and kid's chairs in the restroom. Baby strollers are also allowed in the restrooms.

Food, beverages and services to be brought in

Food and beverages may be brought into the restaurant only for children who are weaned or allergic to food.

Hot water is available for baby food preparation.

We can heat up baby food.

In charge of the cafe at the Musubiya



Taiki Yabe

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After graduating from university, worked at a facility for the disabled. After that, worked at both Cimai (bakery) in Satte City and Dohwa (natural food buffet) in Kawaguchi City. Also worked at Cimai's second restaurant, Kico in Omiya, and at Dohwa's second restaurant, Uka.


April 2023:

Started activities as "Nui" Event stalls and rental spaces

Nov 2023:

Began working at Musubiya’s cafe

About me


My name is Taiki Yabe of ‘Nui’.


In Japanese, sewing is ‘Nui’

‘Nui’ needs thread

Thread symbolizes ‘connection’


I decided on the name "Nui" to emphasize the importance of connecting with people in my work.


I am a father of two children and live in a 100-year-old house in Kawagoe. I originally studied childcare and after qualifying as a nursery teacher and kindergarten teacher, I worked in the welfare sector. I then worked at a natural bakery, a natural food store and learned in a rice flour baking skills, which I use to make my rustic breads and Japanese snacks.

Attention to detail

We mainly use rice flour and spelt and make our own homemade natural yeast to produce flavorful snacks. We select ingredients so that as many people as possible can eat them.


For example…

Decaffeinated drinks are suitable for breastfeeding mothers.

Vegan food / ingredients.

We use organic spelt and rice flour.

Natural yeast: Made with pesticide-free brown rice and organic brown rice malt.

We use maple syrup and homemade sweet sake.

Ingredients: Basically, we use organic and pesticide-free ingredients.

Coffee: We roast our own pesticide-free green beans in a pot by hand.

How natural yeast cakes are made

1. Fermentation starter

2. Mix yeast with pesticide-free brown rice, organic brown rice malt, and water for half a day - 1 day

3. Make yeast

4. When the yeast is ready, mix rice flour and spelt wheat and ferment the yeast for about 2.5 hours or more.

5. After that, let the yeast rest in the refrigerator for 1 to 2 days.

6. Make the dough

7. Mix yeast and ingredients and ferment for about 4 hours.

8. Bake for about 40 minutes


Total: about 43 hours or more

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